time to use firefox instead of google chrome

Time to Use Firefox instead of Google Chrome


Recently, The Washington Post described the less data security on Chrome by mentioning it surveillance software. This is due to the browser’s activities such as automatically signing in when you use Gmail to offer better-targeted advertising. Some of the organization and foundation have also criticized Google for keeping its business interests especially advertising ahead of its user privacy. However, as long as Google keeps dominating its digital advertising market, it will have some incentives to invest in important and meaningful privacy protections.

Furthermore, if you are concerned about your data privacy, then you should change your browser to many available options. From various option, you can consider making Mozilla Firefox your new default browser. Since Mozilla is a nonprofit organization and Firefox is established within a corporation owned by Mozilla. This allows the Mozilla Corporation to raise revenue just to support the development of Firefox and its other internet services. Apart from this, Firefox actively prevents websites from tracking your habits. Especially, when you’re tired of Facebook’s ad-tracking, this browser has an extension to discontinue Facebook’s activities of creating “shadow profiles.”

However, that’s not its only revenue generation source, Mozilla has other agreements also with search engines around the world, including Baidu in China, which are default search engines in certain locations. The Mozilla Corporation has a different business model as compared to Google, as it depends on these agreements instead of gathering user data for the sale of advertisements. Mozilla never uses its user base for creating revenue, but various internet service providers give payment to Mozilla for advertising. It is a subscription model more than a surveillance model, and also users always have the choice to change their search engine to any other search engine they prefer.