The US has ended free visa entry for North Korea visitors


The US has denied free visa entry license for North Korea visitors. Even for the North Korea former visitors from the last eight years. The free visa entry means that the person can enter the country without a visa within the specified period. It is basically referred to as the “landing permit”. This has potentially hindered the latter’s tourism industry vertical. The US permits residents of 38 countries. This includes countries such as France, Japan, and South Korea. Just to enter for following 90 days in the absence of a visa below a waiver program.

But since March 1, 2011, the visitors who have visited eight countries, comprising North Korea, are “no more eligible”. As all details posted on the Border Protection and US Customs website showed on August 5, 2019. People have to appeal for business or tourist visas just to come into the US. Another seven countries that include Somalia, Syria, and Libya were already on the prohibition list.

This change will disturb a large number of persons from visa waiver countries. In recent years, who has traveled to North Korea as a tourist or for other purposes. It will also lay a hindrance on South Korean President Moon Jae-in. He has desires for expanding cross-border tourism projects for his residents to visit their nuclear-armed neighbor. South Korean media put the attention on topmost business leaders, which includes Vice Chairman of Samsung Electronics, Lee Jae-Yong. He was a member of Moon’s organization to Pyongyang for a conference with Kim Jong Un, the North Korean leader in September. A Samsung representative rejected to comment.  Since 2017, the citizens of the US have been barred from visiting North Korea. A project announced after an American student confined in Pyongyang. And he was issued in a coma and a few days later he died. Donald Trump has become the first President of the US, who step into North Korea. It happens despite renewing relations between North Korea and the US.

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