state health officials stated that mosquito-borne virus found in massachusetts resident

State health officials stated that mosquito-borne virus found in Massachusetts resident


A man diagnosed with a mosquito-borne virus in Massachusetts. Virus name is Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE). This person is in coma said by his family. This man is 60-year-old and he lives in southern Plymouth County. This case is first in Massachusetts after s2013.The diagnosis is confirmed by laboratory testing.

According to Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), EEE is infrequent disease. This disease is caused due to infected mosquitoes. EEEV is the group of viruses which are transmitted by mosquito. A major cause of this infection is inflammation of the brain known as encephalitis. EEE is more common disease in Gulf and Atlantic countries though out world. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that some cases are found in the Great Lakes area. EEE is rare in the U.S only 5 to 12 cases are reported each year. When infected mosquito bites to a person, the symptoms are appearing after 4-10 days. Symptoms such as sudden headache, chills, and vomiting, high fever. This symptom may lead to severe conditions such as seizures, disorientation, coma.

Almost one-third of infected patients with EEE virus die. This happens because there is no specific treatment for infected virus or infection. The antibiotics are not that much effective against severe viral infection. There are no strong and effective antiviral is discovered. The CDC said that severe illnesses are treated by supportive therapy. These therapies include respiratory support, hospitalization, IV fluids, and prevention of other infections. To prevent EEE virus and other viruses is by draining wastewater such as birdbaths, pool covers, buckets. These stopped water can serve as a growing place for these insects. Other than that prevention can be done by covering skin, by using mosquito-killing liquid, and with cleaned atmosphere and area.