some people not happy with the new look of pepsico’s logo

Some people not happy with the new look of PepsiCo’s Logo


The well-known Pepsi-Cola logo along the East River in Long Island City will be sharing its revolutionary space along with the illuminated JetBlue logo. As a part of a new partnership, its campaign will continue for some months ahead. Some people are not happy with this partnership and they even contacted Jimmy Van Bramer who is a city councilman. As per Van Bramer, this decision was approved st employee level, without any public review or input and that location is also not suitable. Two New York-based companies agree for this promotion once the JetBlue starts serving Pepsi on their flights. As per executive of Pepsi, it is an one-time agreement form which does not get money for including airline to their iconic sign. The JetBlue becoming a part of Pepsico family now. People love Pepsico’s sign and they want to keep it as it is.

Three years ago, the New York city fixed the sign landmark status, and some people do not agree with this alteration decision at the same time some people did not care about this. This change is for one month only, because the company wants to advertise their partnership. In addition, JetBlue adds clouds to fill the empty spot. All the work is completed according to their planning and the official lighting is added. This is a provisional installation and after 1st October, the sign will be reverted to the original state. PepsiCo works with Queens West Development Corporation, Landmarks Preservation Commission, and Landmark Signs in order to make sure the reliability to preserve the logo. Pepsi sign is first time go with another logo in their history.

The Landmark Preservation Commission (LPC) rules permit to install temporary signs up to 180 days on landmark. The permission for Pepsico is granted from 14th August to 1st October 2019. LPC required escrow contract to confirm the removal of the temporary sign.

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