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PS5 and Xbox Series X Chip Shortages to Continue till Mid-2021 says AMD CEO


The shortage of PS5 and Xbox Series X stocks has turned console-gaming enthusiasts frustrated as they are unable to upgrade to the next-generation consoles. The latest reports from the tech world don’t offer much solace, either. According to the CEO of AMD, the constrained supply of the PS5 and Xbox Series X chips will continue until at least the middle of 2021. This statement translates to even further waiting times before users can get their hands on the brand-new PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series X.

If the info from AMD indicates anything, it’s that the situation would continue in the upcoming months as well. During its report of the Q4 2020 and Full Year 2020, AMD had mentioned that PS5 and Xbox Series X were a significant contributor to the company’s increased revenue. However, due to the pandemic’s impacts and the increasing demand, the chipmaker could not produce as many custom-made chips as required by the said demand. However, in the same announcement, AMD CEO Lisa Su added that the company could make up for the delay in the second half of 2021.

She said that the company has ensured good figures on the demand and supply side, meaning that we can see a better production rate of the custom-made chips later this year. Su had also mentioned that the chipmaker is working hand in hand with the Xbox team to leverage the high demand and optimize production rates accordingly. In a related report, Amy Hood, the CFO of Microsoft, had said that the significant demand for the console would cause the supply restraints for not just the Series X but also the Series S.

Despite being rivals, the latest-generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony are using chips made by AMD. While the chips may have minute differences, Zen 2-based CPUs and RDNA 2-based GPUs are two common factors in the package. These chips, combined with custom-designed SSD and optimization, can offer unprecedented performance on both platforms. As showcased by the brands and early reviewers, this increased performance is why customers are going crazy about the consoles.

In addition to the limitations in production, another problem faced by both PS5 and Xbox Series X orders is that people had almost entirely relied on online options to get their consoles due to the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. It caused a never-seen-before rise in the demand for both consoles, derailing the projections Microsoft and Sony had in mind. Due to the scenarios, the PS5 and Xbox Series X featured on Amazon, and popular eCommerce sites had run out of stocks in mere minutes. Although stores like GameStop had stocked PS5, they have run out of stock, and people are now exploring alternative options on Amazon, Target, and Newegg. Reading the market in light of these announcements, the demand-supply spectrum for both the consoles should only stabilize by the end of 2021. And it needs to be seen how all these plans go in sync with the ongoing pandemic streak.

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