patient with episodic migraine should watch their caffeine intake

Patient with Episodic Migraine Should Watch Their Caffeine Intake


According to survey conducted, it showed that taking coffee intake of more than 3 cups of coffee per day, is sufficient to brew up a headache for all of those experiencing episodic migraine. Although the debate over the harmful effects of caffeine intake is a never-ending discussion. According to a recent study, excessive caffeine consumption and migraine are interlinked. This study was put out in a paper called “American Journal of Medicine.” According to the study, intake of 3 or more cups of caffeinated drinks in a day results in headache on that or the following day in patients having an episodic migraine.

These results were constant even after accounting for regular changes in stress level, alcohol intake, sleep, menstruation and physical activity. But in the study, some variations were apparent with the use of oral contraception. According to the lead investigator, Mr. Elizabeth Mostofsky, drinking one or even two beverages consisting of caffeine in a day does not result in developing migraine headache. Although, intake of three or more servings of caffeinated beverages does appear interlinked with higher odds of developing an episodic migraine problem. Migraine is a primary headache disorder that is affecting more than a billion adults worldwide. It is the most common pain condition that is causing loss of productivity and loss of direct and indirect costs.

The study was conducted on around 98 participants suffering from episodic migraine problem. All the participants fill electronic diaries two times in a day for almost 6 months reporting on their caffeine intake, lifestyle factors and timing along with impact of every migraine attack. The study analyzed incidence of migraines of each participant on the day they consumed caffeinated beverages and on the day they don’t.  The findings suggested that impact of caffeinated drinks on headache risk was only evident when intake was three or more servings in the day. Patients suffering from episodic migraine didn’t experience a higher risks of migraine attacks on the intake of one or two beverages in a day.