new polio-free campaign in nigeria for next 3 years

New Polio-Free campaign in Nigeria for next 3 years


Nigeria country has gone almost three years without any case of polio disease, putting it on the edge of being declared free of the polio disease. This is a massive change from the year 2012 when Nigeria accounted for almost more than 50% of all polio disease cases worldwide, said by the World Health Organization (WHO). Nigeria country had reached a “historic milestone,” said by Dr. Faisal Shuaib. Dr. Faisal Shuaib is head of agency of primary health care. But it will be several days before Nigeria can officially be considered polio-free. The primary condition, no one polio case for almost three years, has been achieved.

In  Africa, Nigeria is the last country to have witnessed a patient of polio disease – in North-East, in Borno state. Other than Nigeria, the last patient of polio on the continent was in Somalia, in the Puntland region, in 2014. Insecurity in the north-east part of Nigeria country had hindered the vaccination program of polio. Officials have said that an injection of funds and political support have helped in the vaccination program. There were 33 cases of polio disease confined in 2018. This cases was confined in Pakistan and Afghanistan. This milestone is not only for Nigeria but also for the rest of Africa.

“This is a milestone for Nigeria as well as for Africa continent,” said by Dr. Matshidiso Moeti. Dr. Matshidiso Moeti is a World Health Organisation Africa head. They must first be confirmed that each part of the Africa continent has been reached and no cases of polio have been missed. It has taken lots of effort of more than thousands of helpers who have risked their own lives in some instances to distribute the very much-needed vaccines to all parts of Africa continent. “To end polio disease, at least 96% of children must be vaccinated, then no matter where they live,” said by Michel Zaffran.