musk announced that an air suspension would not be developed for model 3

Musk announced that an air suspension would not be developed for Model 3


Tesla produced a ‘smart air suspension’ for mode S and Model X, which will ultimately become standard. The features described by the automaker are: Tesla will adjust the height of the vehicle for handling, effectiveness, and comfort. With the touchscreen, user can raise or lower car when they are entering a steep driveway, it navigates the snow, or unloads passengers and other things. Tesla will identify and reapply all the settings automatically by using GPS location detection.

In 2017, Tesla Model 3 is launched, at the time of starting Elon Musk is a CEO of the company announced that the new suspension would be launch after six months along with the dual-motor version of the car. But unfortunately, during that time, Tesla faced a lot of problems during Model 3 production, and that is why many versions of the vehicle were late. Tesla is working on the feature of the dual-motor version along with air suspension, but the version is not yet launched after almost a year

In the year 2018, a Tesla Model 3 along with the dual motor and air suspension was detected on a drive at the time of testing, but it doesn’t provide any result from it. Musk declared that there is no plan for Model 3 air suspension. Tesla launched a lowered suspension kit for the vehicle when they released the performance version. By this way, Tesla distinguishes features between flagship Model S and Model X against the less expensive Model 3. Tesla is having some disadvantages regarding air suspension. For instance, it contains major moving parts, and there are more chances to break something, and it will become expensive to fix. It is helpful for smooth performance to lower the car at high speed, and it will protect the vehicle by increasing suspension on dirt roads. Buyers will be able to pay ~US$ 2,000 more for an additional feature on Model 3, but it seems that Tesla arranges to restructure production by dropping some options on the car.