moon could be influencing moods and wellbeing of humans

Moon could be influencing Moods and wellbeing of Humans


According to ancient history, the lunar cycle is said to have a strange effect on the mood of a person. This theory dates back to thousands of years, and people have believed it since then. However, modern scientists widely disapprove this theory. New research in this field suggests that ancient history regarding lunar effects on humans could be true, but up to a certain extent. One of the candidates studied was an engineer and loved to solve problems. His sleep pattern was studied and found that on some nights, he didn’t sleep while sometimes he slept for more than 10 hours. The person himself kept a record of his sleeping pattern while he was in this psychiatric facility and tried to infer from the results. These patterns were in a rhythm which made him wonder. These patterns were in sync with waxing and waning of the moon.

Doctors at the clinic dismissed his conclusion because there was no evidence to prove it. The psychiatrists at the clinic kept his notes with them and closed the case after giving him drugs to fight this and discharged later on. More than a decade later, a well-known psychiatrist published research where he studied more than a dozen patients of rapid cycling bipolar disorder. People who suffer from this disorder switch between depression and mania quickly than ordinary. The researcher was stunned by the pattern they had in synchronization with waxing and waning of the moon. This was not expected in a biological process.

These patients may have had an external influence due to the lunar cycle. Also, monthly as well as annual cycles of the moon have shown significant similarity in the pattern of mood swings in patients. Great greek philosopher Aristotle also believed that madness and epilepsy were due to the moon. Another research proved that criminal activities, as well as violence amongst psychiatric patients, increase when the moon grows bigger and moreover, it has also become evident that sleep varies across the lunar cycle.