lung damage due to tb even after successful recovery: lancet study

Lung damage due to TB even after successful recovery: Lancet study


A new study published in Lancet Global Health stated that Tuberculosis (TB) could cause lasting lung damage to the patient even after curing it completely. According to the recent study, TB developed lasting lung damage in more than one-third of patients after successful treatment. The lung damage resulted in bronchiectasis and cavities. These infections leave patients with chest infections, daily cough, and reduced quality of health. Scientists of the Dundee University have partnered with India’s Respiratory Research Network. This partnership was for conducting a study on lasting lung damage after TB. The European Respiratory Society and the British Lung Foundation funded the study.

According to the study conducted, over 2,000 patients have lasting lung damage even after a successful recovery from TB. The study also stated that lasting lung damage resulted in big holes in the lungs. These large holes are called cavities. Other infections from the lung damages included bronchiectasis which is the broadening of airways. Majority of patients with lung damages had serious disease history like childhood pneumonia. In about 40% of cases from the study required hospitalization for treatment. Patients suffering from lung damage post-TB lose nearly 40% of lung capacity. This lost capacity left several patients with constant breathlessness.

With prevention and earlier diagnosis of TB and other infections such as pneumonia can prevent post-TB lung damage.  The public health authorities are required to increase their efforts to avoid one epidemic replacing the another. For the prevention of lung damage after TB treatment, rapid diagnosis, and treatment of TB is necessary. The study states that improved recognition and treatment is essential for the prevention of lung damage after TB treatment. The Global TB Report, of 2018 from World Health Organization projected that 2.8 million people had contracted with TB in India. By 2025, the Indian government has pledged to eliminate TB. However, the study warns about the lasting consequences even after the treatment of TB in India and worldwide.