Israel, the Most Vaccinated Country, Is Struggling to Handle New Virus Strains


After the pandemic has cost hundreds of thousands of lives across the globe, all countries are now focusing on effective vaccinations as the solution to bring life back to normalcy. Israel is one of the few countries that have set up a fast-tracked system to vaccinate the population, but the country is now confronting another big issue: new virus strains. Although the Israeli government has managed to vaccinate more than the 30% of its population, reports from different parts of the country indicate the growing problem of mutated strains and associated death tolls.

According to Yuli Edelstein, the Health Minister of Israel, the administration has witnessed a brand-new wave of COVID-19 cases even while the vaccination methods are underway. It was added that the situation could be due to a virus that is mutating at higher rates. In other words, the virus is finding ways to combat the core method the world has invented to fight it. At the same time, Health Ministry reports from the administration have also noted that the Pfizer vaccine being distributed has an impressive success rate of 92%, which goes in sync with Pfizer’s narrative that its vaccines are 95% efficient.

The Israeli administration is one of the countries heavily affected by the British strain of the coronavirus, and it is making the vaccination attempts less effective, according to health ministry officials. This variant is not just more powerful than the standard variant but is considered 50% more infectious. Reading the numbers in light of this fact, whatever the Israeli government has achieved through aggressive vaccinations isn’t too bad. Instead, it means that the country’s health sector should brace itself before addressing the rise in the number of mutated strains, which can, if not controlled, spread across the country and beyond.

Even as the Pfizer vaccine is struggling against the new strains, the health ministry of Israel has some good numbers to report. For instance, according to the Corona Commissioner in the country, Nachman Ash, the rate of infection in the country has depreciated to 9% from the 10.2% recorded in early January. However, the administration is optimistic that it can see a further decline of cases in another ten days. While the exact numbers of vaccine efficacy are not as satisfying as the Israeli administration had expected, it has big plans aligned for the coming months.

For instance, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of the country, has pledged that all Israelis over the age of 16 will receive the two doses of Pfizer vaccination by the end of March 2021. Currently, the ministry focuses on citizens who are over 60 years, considered more vulnerable to the COVID-19 infection. Besides, while the country waits for the ultimate numbers to turn optimistic, it plans to bring the economy back to normalcy by the end of this year. The Health Ministry director of the country was quoted saying that the government should fast-track the vaccination to bring the issue under control.

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