is the internet killing language?

Is the Internet Killing Language?


Emailing, posting and texting has become a key part of daily basis communications. Now primarily changing communication and language worldwide. Because of the Internet, it’s easy to understand language-related new rules and helps to make better speakers, communicators, and writers. Many individuals find things on the internet simply by following links from one place to another place. language widely spreads through individual interactions and conversations. Now in the digital world, many peoples use both informal and formal English while texting, emailing and other purposes.

From acronyms and words to GIFs and emoji many peoples used across the globe. Now a wide range of tools available in various apps to express what user feeling and thinking. For example, if someone wants to meet with friends for happy hours then just send a GIF of betty white swirling a glass of wine. This GIF capture user excitement better than words. Another example is-if someone heat Monday then post a meme of Grumpy Cat (RIP). This shows immediately relay user has great disdain for Monday. Hence words can be altogether replaced with icons, emblems, and others. Currently, more peoples used GIFs and emoji while doing online chats. Therefore, emoji, GIFs and others most popular across the globe and helps to support for easily expressing feelings and thinking.

In today’s world, if fashion can change, the language can be changed. Many peoples are very much positive about language evolution. Some peoples believe that the internet is leading to the demise of the English language. Many people’s things that sparkles, emoji and other tools are more flexible and dynamic for internet conservations. It has been found in survey that many users tend to match specific styles in conversation in online chats and latch onto definite features. More peoples preferred expressive tools for online chatting which is a very important and easy way to convey attention. The various tools such as GIFs, emoji and sparkles incredibly useful and helps to contextualize means and specify intention.