Hypertension Pills Can Slow Down Alzheimer’s Disease, Says Research

Hypertension Pills Can Slow Down Alzheimer’s Disease, Says Research


The medical world has been searching for effective pills that can prevent or slow down Alzheimer’s disease for a long period of time. Now, a recent study suggests that hypertension pills are effective in slowing down the disease. These pills can improve the blood flow to certain parts to the brain, thereby reducing the impact of Alzheimer’s disease. The better blood circulation in hippocampus seems to be a great stimulant.

According to the Dutch research in question, the consumption of hypertension pills for a period of 6 months was able to cause 20% better blood circulation in the hippocampus part of the brain. It has been proven that this additional circulation will benefit the users in reducing the impact of Alzheimer’s disease. It should be noted that the pills don’t remove the chance of Alzheimer’s but simply decrease the effect.

Nilvadipine was the name of the hypertension drug that was used for testing purposes. The drug consists of calcium channel blockers and is quite inexpensive. It was said that it takes less than a dollar a day to take in the medication. The research is based on the data collected from 44 customers who were given the drug for the period of time.

“This high blood pressure treatment holds promise as it doesn’t appear to decrease blood flow to the brain, which could cause more harm than benefit. Even though no medical treatment is without risk, getting treatment for high blood pressure could be important to maintain brain health in patients with Alzheimer’s disease,” says the lead author of the study.

As the authors themselves have said, this study does not mean that hypertension pills will be a good choice for those who are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. However, the mere fact that these pills can better the blood flow is a positive way to start.