Hymer’s new adventure-vans concept for 2025

Hymer’s new adventure-vans concept for 2025


The changing hectic lifestyle and round-the-clock working hours in the last two decades have triggered need for adventurous camps or trips for family time, away from work and city traffic. To meet this demand, automotive companies have shifted their focus towards manufacturing on off-road motor homes such as luxurious and comfortable recreational vehicles, camper vans, etc.

Hymer, a Germany-based manufacturer, which specializes in producing motor homes and camper vans, partnered with BASF SE, a chemical and engineering company, in order to form a new concept that provides a preview of what off-grid weekends will realistically look like by 2025. This new concept – VisionVenture – was debuted globally at a well-known camping trade show which was held in Düsseldorf, Germany.

This new concept by Hymer started life as Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2019, that is the same van which Amazon drivers use for delivering packages/orders. This customized body which is made using Hymer’s new concept, VisionVenture, totally hides the humble origins, while making it a spacious, and well-structured cabin, comfortable for two passengers to ride and sleep in it.

The company mentioned that certain add-ons such as fender flares were made using 3D-printing technology. This new technology seems ideal only for manufacturing small batches of parts such as for a one-off concept car, however, it is still unsuitable for mass production.

In terms of the features, the back of VisionVenture opens fully and gives a nearly complete and unobstructed view to the occupants. The flooring is made of wood which makes you feel like an outdoor deck, and along with that the company has added a built-in barbecue. However, the camper van might smell of grilled food for days.

While entering the camper, first view shows a full kitchen on one side and bathroom on other, and a staircase to go to a surprisingly uncluttered, roof-mounted bed made of wood, which makes it look like an upmarket Scandinavian apartment.

Technical specifications of VisionVenture concept remains unfolded, but camper van manufacturers do not often make any major mechanical modifications to the donor vehicles. It is known fact that the power of this camper van comes from Sprinter-sourced turbodiesel engine. This engine then sends power to the wheels through an automatic transmission. This combination of powerful engine and spacious camper van makes VisionVenture high driving range vehicle which lets its occupants go far-off the grid.

The company has yet not announced any plans to build VisionVenture concept, it merely remains as an eye-catchy design for now. Hymer’s catalog for this year includes different Sprinter-based models, and it has plenty of time until 2025 to plan and turn VisionVenture concept and other new concepts into reality.