Google Tests A Play Button On Google Chrome Toolbar

Google Tests A Play Button On Google Chrome Toolbar


Google has been continuously trying to make Google Chrome more than just a simple web browser. Seamless integration with Google services is one thing, but the company is moving towards media controls. According to sources, Google has started testing a Play/Pause button on the Google Chrome toolbar. This button can be used to control media playback on the selected tab/window.

Global Media Control is the name given for this feature, and it is very popular on other platforms. This is how the feature works: when you are playing something inside the Google Chrome browser, the Play/Pause button will work as the universal controller. Not only will you be able to control the playback but also see what is playing at the moment. The playback data would be available in a notification-pane-like design.

Google has not started testing the feature in the actual line of the browser, though. Instead, the company is bringing the feature first to Chrome Canary, which is the development line. After enabling the function in the Chrome Canary browser, you will be able to spot a play button right next to the URL field. Sources confirmed that the button seems to work fine with the likes of YouTube and Vimeo.

This is not the first media control feature that Google is bringing to Chrome. Sometime back, the company had introduced an indicator that allows users to understand which tab audio is coming from. There was also the launch of a Mute Tab button that would block every bit of sound from the selected tab. This, however, is different in that you get to control media playback.

While it’s one of the most useful features Chrome has proposed to introduce, there is no word when it will be available in the final version of Chrome. However, most of such features launched in Canary make their way to the final Chrome release eventually.