fargo assembly is about to close their plant, and nearly 200 employees to lose jobs

Fargo Assembly is about to close their plant, and nearly 200 employees to lose jobs


One of the biggest employers in David city is about to get shut this year. A company who is into manufacturing of electrical wiring machine said that it would close its plant by the end of November. The letter sent to Nebraska Department says that their full time one hundred and eighty-six employees and part-time three employees are going to lose their job. Mayor of David city announced that this announcement is shocking and disappointing. This is going to be a setback for our city; however, we will recover, he mentioned in an email. In 1981, Fargo assembly had their plant in David city which is later bought by ECI. After that purchase, ECI has stopped many Fargo Assembly units.

In North Dakota, there were three small plants which got shut down in 2018’s summer, and later in June company closed a plant in Kansas. Media has said that Electrical Components International is going to open a new plant in Mexico and also they have plans for new things. City’s mayor said that there’s a rumor that Mexico will have more jobs. Mr. Zavodny also said that he hopes, the company will not shift these jobs to Mexico. As per the letter sent to the Department of labor, workers were informed that plant would get closed by 15th July 2019. According to the letter, termination dates will be different; however, each one of them will get a minimum of sixty days notice. He also mentioned that we have got talented employees and he is confident that they will get something at the end of this period. He said that they would do everything to create job opportunities for the employees who will be laid off.

David city has a population of two thousand and eight hundred people. It is forty miles away from Columbus and Lincoln, gives people a lot of job options who are willing to commute. Local officers have said that they will do everything they can to keep their workers in town.