exposure to common chemical in plastics may led obesity in childhood

Exposure to Common Chemical in Plastics may Led Obesity in Childhood


Bisphenol S and bisphenol F are compounds that are used in all kind of plastic, aluminum canned, food and beverages and in thermal paper from cash register receipt. These chemical are used as a replacement for bisphenol A which harms human health in the long term by interfering with the body hormones. BPS and BPF chemicals use is growing as manufacturers are substituting BPA with these chemicals. Therefore, contact with these chemicals is widespread in the US as well as the rest of the world.

According to the US National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, this chemical is widespread in food packaging, and contacts with these chemicals may play a role in obesity among children. The urine samples from group demonstrated that the children who had high levels of BPS and BPF in their urine were more probable to have an obesity problem in the future. Many plastic and canned tins that use daily could be factors in childhood obesity. It is challenging to separate BPS and BPF from the diet because it is present in large amount in our daily life. Moreover, it should be accepted that diet remain a significant concern to obesity in the children, and change of lifestyle factors may produce the advantage in dropping childhood obesity. World population is wholly or partially depend on ready to eat food, which is the leading cause of contact with harm chemical such as BPA.

BPA free product and its replacements are likely to cause similar kinds of concerns. From a consumer viewpoint, the label of ‘BPA free ‘does not really mean that it’s safe or healthier. Because the companies are replacing a speciously harmful chemical with a very similar compound, unfortunately, BPS and BPF have the almost similar chemical structure as BPA, so the consumer expect that they act similarly in the body of human. Therefore, it is anticipated that exposure to this chemical in plastics can cause obesity among children.