Ebola Outbreak

Ebola Virus Takes Another Life in the Democratic Republic of Congo


While the world has been talking the most about the Coronavirus pandemic, people and health sector in the Democratic Republic of Congo have also had the burden of handling the Ebola virus. Now, reports from the health ministry of DRC says that the Ebola virus has killed a woman in the eastern city of Butembo. Since it’s not clear how expanded the attack is, health authorities in the country are trying their best to stop a potential outbreak from family. As per the reports, the deceased woman was located in the town of Biena, North Kiev. She is said to be the wife of a farmer who had contracted the virus in the previous outbreak of the virus.

However, it is worth noting that the farmer, the husband of the person, was a survivor of the virus. Although he had contracted the virus, on-time treatment had got him out of the loop. His wife didn’t have the same amount of luck, though. According to reports, she had started showing the symptoms on February 1st, 2021, and had passed away before getting proper treatment. The announcement from the DRC health sector has officially marked the inception of the twelfth Ebola outbreak in the country. Since 1976, the country has had 11 different outbreaks in the government.

In addition to being really contagious, the virus is so powerful that it can stay in the semen of male survivors for up to three years. This characteristic of the virus poses a huge threat to the women in societies that have witnessed an outbreak in the past. What happened in the recent case is something that proves what the research has shown. In this particular case, the deceased had shown severe symptoms of the virus as well. It was reported that high fever and muscle pain was spotted and the same were followed by internal and external bleeding. The Ebola virus had taken a toll on the entire body system of the person.

Although the rest of the world has worried less about the Ebola virus in the past years, DRC has been under its crosshairs for a while. Of course, countries had to depend on timely vaccinations to ensure that Ebola is not a health emergency that it could have been. Of course, things would become challenging for DRC, which is expected to start its steps to stop the COVID-19 spread in the coming months. Like many countries, Congo will also start vaccinations in the second half of 2021. Until then, the country has to keep things as strict as possible, which isn’t the case when a potential Ebola outbreak is looming the society. Spread through body fluids, the Ebola virus is traced back to bats and they are considered one of the severe forms of viral infections the world has seen in centuries.

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