discourage menopause and allow women to have children later in life, for women it’s a 'life-changing' surgery by team of doctors in uk

Discourage Menopause and Allow Women to Have Children Later in Life, for Women It’s A ‘Life-Changing’ Surgery by team of Doctors in UK


In the UK, a fertility expert person designed a procedure to delay the menopause. This is beneficial to women’s. It allows women to have children later in their life. The Simon Fishel’s company developed in vitro fertilization (IVF). This in vitro fertilization offers the delay menopause procedure to women. This is useful until women are about 40. This can be done by exchanging growing natural hormones by women body. This is for women and to stops menopause from going on within their time period. The Doctors have trick women’s menstrual cycle by removing ovarian tissue. These tissues are keeping it frozen or ice bank and replanting it years later.

Now a day’s infertility is the big problem in women. This problem occurs due to junk food, low exercise and obesity. In other hand women do not think about having children until their age of 30. This is done for those women’s who are think about children and cannot have their own naturally. This procedure allows women to build their own career. Also helps to feel women that the burden is taken off their shoulders. When they are wish about child they can go back to their tissue. Those tissues which are froze at 30.

Menopause symptoms are such as heart conditions, bone issues, muscle problems. Women age from 22 to 36 have had the surgery in UK. Nine women are happy now which had done surgery. They are seems satisfied. A women said that, it’s a life-changing to being able to delay the menopause. For this surgery 30 min are require. Cost of operation is about $3,500 to $8,500. For the re-transplant it will be $4,800. There are more profits for  those women  whose menopause generates serious health problems. Heath problems such as heart problems and osteoporosis. These problems are coming at a time when menopause is early than normal time.