Burger King To Sell Tacos At $1 Across The Country

Burger King To Sell Tacos At $1 Across The Country


The American fast-food chain, Burger King, will now be selling tacos at $1 for a limited span. The new move announced on Tuesday is aimed at luring more customers to its restaurants all over the United States. The latest addition will also add to the snacks menu provided by the fast-food chain. The tacos will still cost more in Alaska and Hawaii.

As a part of an experiment, the western states were first provided with this offer. The president of North America for Burger King, Chris Finazzo, said in a statement that “We’ve seen success with tacos in those restaurants and knew it was time to bring this west coast favorite nationwide.” This is a popular way of advertising that most fast-food chains employ. The customers are attracted by the brand’s offer that lasts for a short span.

 The global chain that specializes in hamburgers shall attract even a large number of customers who might be curious to find out how they deal with tacos. Burger King is undoubtedly trying to reap benefits out of the huge popularity that taco has as a snack. Other fast-food chains such as Jack in the Box, Taco Bell, Chipotle, etc., have made huge profits by selling the item. The snack serves as a flagship item for most of these chains. Burger King is also eyeing on resurfacing its name by creating a sensation with its new offer.

The fast-food chain has previously too tried to create such excitement among its customers by marketing different new products added in its menu. Neil Saunders, the managing director of GlobalData Retail, a research and consulting firm, said that such new additions do help in attracting new customers. However, he also pointed out how this might shift the company’s focus from the items in its main menu. He said that “sometimes you get the impression that Burger King chases after the shiny objects rather than focusing on the core business.”