While we believe that our editorial team is powerful enough to handle any stories from areas like technology, science and more, we have a welcoming attitude towards occasional contributors out there. It means you’ve an awesome opportunity to become a writer at 5gigs , without having the complications of interviews or regular deadlines that you have to follow. It also means that you can have all the perks of floating free, as there will be no worries regarding writing stuff on a regular basis. However, we have some strict conditions when it comes to the overall quality of the articles to be submitted.

First of all, 5gigs is completely against the idea of fake news. We believe that something that is fake does not even qualify as news, which is supposed to be unbiased and on to the point. Due to this fact, when you write for 5gigs , the source is quite important. It’s equally quite important to make sure that your writing is not inclined towards a political ideology or something that you believe in. These things aside, when you work as a contributor at, you will have an option to engage with some of the reputed personalities in the world of news reporting and journalism.

If you think you can cope with these notions, you should have a look at the following instructions before you craft the article draft.

The draft should have a minimum length of 300 words. We believe this length is optimal for both SEO purposes and the overall readability of the structure. At 5gigs , we mostly follow a structure of 3 paragraphs.
As mentioned earlier, 5gigs does not accept articles that lack proper source. When you write an article, proper source of the news should be cited. Of course, the source must be a trusted form of web/print publication.
5gigs encourages the use of understandable language, without grammatical errors.