Become a contributor

We respect your thought to become a contributor at 5Gigs. It makes us feel proud to get more people aboard, who wish to contribute their work to us. Across the system, we are taking advantage of the transforming media perspective to develop a new generation of news reporting. Along with high-quality content, truthful reporting at our core, we think in an innovative manner about our relationship with readers. We are concerned with the presentation of fresh and relevant contributions. Thus, 5Gigs is developing a distinct and collaborative culture that can assist keep with the accuracy of the latest news cycle.

To expand journalism and supporting products with superior quality, we are in search of genius’ across the globe. We are seeking for people at all phases of their career to evolve with various aspects to our teams. All in all, it will be great to have a handful of fine minds to work with our top-notch team. Together, we can make our reporting edged, momentous, and notable for keeping the society well-informed.

Although there are a few things, you need to know before you start writing for 5Gigs. First of all, we have an independent writing strategy, which assists us in becoming the truthful news source. Every news we release must be based on authentic origins across the world. Apart from this, what matters is readability. The content must reflect reality, along with simplicity. So if you are a passionate writer, and can manage to follow the rules mentioned above, you have a chance to become a contributor at

  • The word limit for the news article is 300-350 words. One can extend the same, if necessary.
  • Non-plagiarized content is a must.
  • Content should not be biased, i.e., it should not favor any person, side, or issue.
  • We expect error-free content. So avoid making grammatical mistakes and other flaws.
  • Content must be well-organized and evenly distributed in three or four paragraphs.
  • In the end, we don’t guarantee of publishing stories with no factual accuracy, as it might raise legal issues.