to appear as cool and trendy, ibm reportedly fired as many as 100,000 employees

To Appear As Cool And Trendy, Ibm Reportedly Fired As Many As 100,000 Employees

International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) laid off around 100,000 employees in the past few years. As per former vice president’s age discrimination lawsuit, IBM has fired thousands of older to boost its appeal and to appear trendy. These are, Inc., Microsoft Corporation, Google, and others. Earlier IBM has been in the news for hiring […]

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the rhine river in europe hit by drought could create an economic disaster

The Rhine River in Europe Hit by Drought Could Create an Economic Disaster

Experts have told that significant scorching heat in Europe is causing truncated water levels on the Rhine River. Rhine River is essential shipping routes in the continent. In the previous year, it was difficult to sail through the Rhine river because of low water level. It has caused many problems; such as halt in production, […]

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mission success declared as lightsail2 propels itself from earth using only sunbeams

Mission Success Declared as LightSail2 Propels Itself from Earth Using Only Sunbeams

Back in 1976, late Carl Sagan in one of his interview put forth the concept of a new form of space propulsion that is called solar sailing. Solar sailing is a revolutionary concept of propelling spacecraft through space. A solar sail spacecraft consists of large reflective sails that captures momentum of light from the Sun. […]

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some people not happy with the new look of pepsico’s logo

Some people not happy with the new look of PepsiCo’s Logo

The well-known Pepsi-Cola logo along the East River in Long Island City will be sharing its revolutionary space along with the illuminated JetBlue logo. As a part of a new partnership, its campaign will continue for some months ahead. Some people are not happy with this partnership and they even contacted Jimmy Van Bramer who […]

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united state has half a million fewer jobs than firstly thought

United State has half a million fewer jobs than firstly thought

It turns out employment wasn’t closely as strong in 2018. Initially, 2019 as the government firstly reported, through around a half-million jobs. The budget had around 501,000 fewer jobs as of March 2019. Then the Bureau of Labor Statistics mainly considered in its study. Which is the largest review as the declining stages of the […]

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scientists have finally created first-ever ring of 18 pure carbon atoms – cyclocarbon

Scientists Have Finally Created First-Ever Ring of 18 Pure Carbon Atoms – Cyclocarbon

Carbon is one of the most widely recognized components in the world and relying upon how the carbon structures itself, atoms of carbon can create diverse molecules, called allotropes. These various types of carbon can have various properties simply like some other compound. This is the reason how clear precious diamonds with an extraordinary hardness […]

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google is giving away 100,000 google home minis speakers to people living with paralysis

Google is Giving Away 100,000 Google Home Minis speakers to people living with paralysis

Google Nest announced that it is gifting over 100,000 ‘Google Home Minis’ to people suffering from paralysis and their caregivers in order to help them. Google announced that it is teaming up with Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation in order to complete this project. Google Nest is targeting providing better control to people that are […]

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forever 21 express regret for sending atkins bars with online orders

Forever 21 express regret for sending Atkins bars with online orders

Forever 21 is an American fashion retailer, recently shipped Atkins bars along with customer online orders. But not every customer is a welcomed surprise addition to their packages. On social media, many people called Forever 21’s shipments offensive. Also said that they received bars with orders of plus size clothing. Atkins bars are low carb […]

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quitting the use of social media and tech is difficult than quitting cigarettes

Quitting the use of social media and tech is difficult than quitting cigarettes

Alcohol or cigarettes addicted people know how difficult it is to quit drinking and smoking. But a recent study conducted by The Medical Daily Company revealed that quitting social media, like Twitter or Facebook, is more difficult.           More than 200 participants within the age of 18-85 were involved in the study. The study was conducted […]

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