lung damage due to tb even after successful recovery: lancet study

Lung damage due to TB even after successful recovery: Lancet study

A new study published in Lancet Global Health stated that Tuberculosis (TB) could cause lasting lung damage to the patient even after curing it completely. According to the recent study, TB developed lasting lung damage in more than one-third of patients after successful treatment. The lung damage resulted in bronchiectasis and cavities. These infections leave […]

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trump pulls the plug on venezuelan government, freezes all assets

Trump Pulls the Plug on Venezuelan Government, Freezes all assets

On Tuesday, the Trump government pulled the plug on Venezuela by freezing all Venezuelan government assets. The US took this step to curb the escalation of tension with Nicolas Maduro, President of Venezuela and a socialist leader. After this, Venezuela is on par with countries such as Syria, Iran, Cuba, and North Korea regarding trade […]

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to detect fake alcohol, scientists from the university of glasgow developed an artificial tongue

To Detect Fake Alcohol, Scientists From The University Of Glasgow Developed An Artificial Tongue

Scientists from Scotland through artificial intelligence developed an artificial language used to identify counterfeit alcohol. The artificial tongue can taste differences between the quality of whiskeys that could help tackle the fake alcohol trade. The device used to falsely single-malt scotch or whiskey consists of around two million artificial taste buds. The artificial tongue is […]

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TMT has a plan B for the location to build a giant telescope

TMT has a plan B for the location to build a giant telescope

Syndicate of scientists, looking forward to building a massive optical telescope. Initially, the group had planned to build it on the tallest peak in Hawaii have changed it to the Canary Islands. The reason for the change of location was due to protests by residents in Hawaii. For several weeks’ protestors have attempted to delay […]

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time to use firefox instead of google chrome

Time to Use Firefox instead of Google Chrome

Recently, The Washington Post described the less data security on Chrome by mentioning it surveillance software. This is due to the browser’s activities such as automatically signing in when you use Gmail to offer better-targeted advertising. Some of the organization and foundation have also criticized Google for keeping its business interests especially advertising ahead of […]

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the new payment feature launched by mastercard to simplify online transactions

The new payment feature launched by Mastercard to simplify online transactions

A leading global payments and technology company Mastercard announced its new payment feature named ‘Identity Check Express.’ This is a new feature from Mastercard that enhance the safety of online transactions. This feature is going to help millions of consumers who are doing e-commerce transactions. The Identity Check Express is revealed that with the help […]

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duodenoscope a medical device is placed in around 500,000 patients each year

Duodenoscope A Medical Device Is Placed in Around 500,000 Patients Each Year

In the treatment and diagnosis of the disease of pancreas and bile ducts duodenoscope is majorly use. This device is used in the hospital worldwide. This is an indispensable tool which is used in the diagnosis. These devices have certain drawback. They are going to insert in the upper part of small intestine. The way […]

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currency war: us stock futures rose, after china blinks

Currency War: US Stock Futures Rose, After China blinks

China came forward to ease the nascent currency war with the United States, which resulted in the rose of Dow futures. The Dow (INDU) closed at 312 points, or 1.2%, whereas the S&P 500 (SPX) finished up 1.3% higher. The tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite (COMP), the worst hit in Monday’s selloff, finished up 1.4%. In seven […]

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apple and samsung smartphone sale are decline due to most of the people don’t want to spend us$1,000 for phones

Apple and Samsung Smartphone Sale Are Decline Due to Most of the People Don’t Want to Spend US$1,000 for Phones

Apple and Samsung publish their earnings reports which show the exact the same thing: that most of the people are not want to invest $1,000 on a new phone. There are some common reasons people are not preferring to spend more money on new phone out of them one is: People are comfortable and holding […]

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top 20 cars are the most stolen late model cars in the united states

Top 20 Cars Are The Most Stolen Late Model Cars In The United States

Insurance organization working for Highway Safety has gathered data of new cars which are expected to be stolen. A senior VP of Highway Loss Data Institute said that criminals are eyeing for expensive cars. This year criminals are pursuing powerful, pricey vehicles in the United States. HLDI has prepared a list of stolen vehicles. According […]

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