Asteroid will be passing through Earth this month

Asteroid will be passing through Earth this month


According to NASA, Asteroid 2019 OU1 will pass safely by Earth on Aug. 28, 2019. The Asteroid is coming within 639,000 miles or 0.00687 astronomical units towards the planet. The asteroid which will fly closely from the Earth’s surface has a size about Washington Monument. Astronomers have estimated that the Asteroid will have a diameter of around 71-60 meters (or say 233 – 524 feet). According to NASA,  in 2019, OU1 is hurtling through space roughly at a speed of 42,650 feet per second.

For years NASA has prepared for the defense of planetary from asteroid strikes. A recent survey has shown that Americans prefer a space program focused on potential asteroid impacts. NASA has also introduced the twenty-page plan which details steps that the USA should take to prepare a  plan for NEOs (NASA Earth Observations). It includes extraterrestrial objects such as comets and asteroids that come around 30 million miles of the earth. NASA has also awarded a nearly US$ 69 million contract to SpaceX. In April, the space exploration company, headed by Mr. Elon Musk, had assisted with asteroid detection via its DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) mission. In addition, for enhancing NEO detection, improving modeling prediction, tracking, and characterizing capabilities the plan targets to develop new technologies for deflecting NEOs.  It will even aid in rising international cooperation and establishing new NEO power emergency procedures including action protocols.

In April, NASA Administrator Mr.Jim Bridenstine said that an asteroid strike is not something to be taken easily. As per the executive,  it may be the biggest threat to planet Earth’s. In 2016 a NASA official had formulated agency’s prior program for tracking and detecting NEOs which is available in its Science Mission Directorate.

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