asteroid apophis may trigger the biggest earthquake in north america region in 2036

Asteroid Apophis may trigger the biggest earthquake in North America region in 2036


An astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson discussed in his “Cosmic Queries” podcast episode about the severe issue of giant asteroids which is moving towards the Earth. In the podcast, cosmochemist and science author Natalie Starkey also discuss on the prospect that says thousands of millions of years’ ego asteroid strikes the Earth and brought the life to our planet (Earth). On a daily basis, hundreds of rocks and debris burn during their entrance into the atmosphere of Earth by NASA’s estimations. All shapes and sizes meteors and space rocks zip past Earth consistently. Indeed, even asteroids that are bigger almost the size of cars can hit the Earth at any rate once every year and cause minute damage to the planet. However, the severe threat of collision is due to the asteroid, which is ever bigger in size, kilometers of wide. Astrophysicist Tyson warns it could end humanity in North America.

Mr. Neil Tyson said, “it is an overlooked truth that comets and asteroids may have been the life carriers to Earth, if not the elements of life, yet maybe even life itself”. “And yet, asteroids and comets can likewise serve as harbingers of fate for the very life that they brought to the planet. In 2008, during an open talk in San Francisco, American author and astrophysicist revealed a possibility for the collision of the asteroid which is 370 meters wide, named as Apophis 999942 and heading towards Earth for decades. Apophis 99942 came in the notice on December 2004, when astrologers suggested a three percentage possibility it could strike earth on April 13th, 2029.

Other Scientists also cautioned that the impacts could be calamitous. NASA precluded the 2029 effect situation very quickly, yet a slim chance of one out of 2036 remained. This was conceivable in light of the fact that it was discovered that Apophis could go through a “gravitational keyhole” a small district in space where a planet’s gravity is to some degree changed. Tyron explains how burst will be the effects on North America if Apophis hits the Earth. According to NASA, the asteroid will probably not strike the Earth in 2036. On the off chance, if it does, it would smash in the eastern side of the equator and discharge energy approximately thousands of megatonnes. In 1883 Krakatau eruption, 200 megatonnes energy discharged which caused 70 percent destruction to the island and its neighboring archipelago. In the comparison of that, it will release much higher energy and will cause more disruption to the earth.

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