apple and samsung smartphone sale are decline due to most of the people don’t want to spend us$1,000 for phones

Apple and Samsung Smartphone Sale Are Decline Due to Most of the People Don’t Want to Spend US$1,000 for Phones


Apple and Samsung publish their earnings reports which show the exact the same thing: that most of the people are not want to invest $1,000 on a new phone. There are some common reasons people are not preferring to spend more money on new phone out of them one is: People are comfortable and holding their phones for a longer time. According to one Bernstein analyst, iPhone owners upgrade their phone every four years, but now a day’s customers holding their older iPhones for a longer period than in the past.

Many enthusiasts people want the latest and high functional phones each year, but most people are worried about good camera quality and high battery life. Cameras are now considered as a more difficult selling point, because smart phones launched over the past few years along with good camera quality. In September 2018, Apple launched its iPhone XR, which is a phone has both good camera quality and strong battery life but its price starts at $749.

iPhone XS ($999) and XS Max ($1,099) are more expensive coupled with more colorful and strong screens, and better cameras, but most of the consumers not comfortable to spend that much money to get it. The Samsung launched A-Series phones that focus on the same audience who are not want to spend $999 on a high-end Galaxy S10+. Google was recently launched it’s Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL come up with good cameras at half cost of the standard Pixel 3 ($799) and Pixel 3 XL ($899). These companies are designing and sell good quality of phones that is the reason user did not want to upgrade to a new model after one or two years. Galaxy 8 and 9 series of Samsung is good enough. Most people argue the same for Apple iPhones, even the iPhone 6 – for a longer period when user replace the battery.