Air Turbulence Caused Dozens Of Passengers On A Flight Face Serious Injury

Air Turbulence Caused Dozens Of Passengers On A Flight Face Serious Injury


While traveling on an Air Canada flight, going to Australia, 37 of its passengers were injured due to a sudden drop in the altitude. Besides, they were sent flying from their seats. The incident that took place on Thursday forced the airplane to make an emergency landing in Honolulu. According to the pilot, the turbulence was not caught on radar and took everyone by surprise.

The flight experienced unexpected turbulence when it was flying over the Pacific Ocean. According to a statement made by Air Canada spokesperson Angela Mah, the disturbance was “un-forecasted and sudden.” A passenger on-board the flight, Stephanie Beam told The Associated Press that “When we hit turbulence, I woke up and looked over to make sure my kids were buckled. The next thing I knew there’s just literally bodies on the ceiling of the plane.”

The Boeing 777-200 was traveling from Vancouver to Sydney. It included a total of 269 passengers and 15 crew members. The violent turbulence reportedly made passengers slam against the ceiling of the plane. Out of the 37 hurt in the incident, nine have sustained severe injuries. Thirty such hurt passengers were rushed to hospital after the landing was made in Honolulu. One such violent crash against the ceiling made a woman break an oxygen mask casing.

“Emergency medical staff and customs agents were quick to provide with any kind of assistance that the injured might need at the Honolulu airport. The passengers sustained injuries such as cuts, bumps, bruises, body pain, etc.,” said the Honolulu Emergency Services Department spokesperson Shayne Enright. Most of the injured passengers were the ones who weren’t strapped to their seats or were standing when the turbulence took place. The air services arranged for stay and meals for the passengers at the Honolulu Airport.

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